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Willow Pond White Dove Release


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A symbol of unity and love...
- We arrive at your wedding 1/2 hour to 1 hour prior to the scheduled release.
- You may wish to have a member of your wedding party carry the basket to the bride and groom.
- A chosen member of your wedding party may read a poem put together by Willow Pond White Dove Release, or one you may have chosen yourselves.
- The bride and groom will then reach into the basket, to release the birds in unison.
For a twelve dove release package, a flock of ten or more birds are released behind the guests and fly up to join the two birds that have been previously released by the birde and groom.
This display symbolizes the support of all your friends and family at the gathering.
This is a magical experience that will amaze your guests, and will be remembered forever.
A symbol of peace...
- An inspirational and heartfelt gift to the memory of a loved one.
- At the end of the grave side service, family members release a flock of doves from a flock basket.
These birds will ascend into the sky and circle above.
A chosen family memeber will then release a single dove.
This bird is a symbol of the spirit of the loved one, which will follow the flock of angelic doves up to the heavens.
- Three birds may also be released which act as a symbol of the holy trinity.
The single bird will then be released as a symbol of the spirit of the loved one and will follow the three doves into the heavens.
This is a very peaceful and healing site to behold.
A symbol of purity...
- A single dove may be released fallowing the ceremony by the parents or God parents.
A symbol of a pure and contrite heart...
- A gift the communion child will truly remember and cherish.
- following the ceremony, the communion child may first stage pictures holding the dove.
- The child will then release the dove into the heavens as a symbol of the commitment they have made to God.